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Things you need to consider

  • Wifi Access

Our carers will need access to Wifi so you if you haven’t already you may want to consider signing up for a broadband connection.

  • Space for the carer

You will need to think about the living space for the carer.  They will need their own bedroom with space for clothes storage.

  • Comfort

Your carer will be living in your home – you have to be comfortable to allow your carer to be free to move around your home and share your space.

  • Breaks for the carer

The live in carer would require a 2 hour break every day and there are 3 alternative ways of achieving this:

  • The customer can be left alone and comfortable at home for 2 hours
  • Send an alternative carer to cover the 2 hour breaks at additional cost
  • Family/ friends to cover the 2 hour breaks everyday
  • Other costs and shopping

The total cost of the live-in care is made up of a direct and indirect cost.  Direct cost is the weekly fee for the service, whereas the indirect cost is related to having your carer living in your house, thus the additional cost for food & utilities. The live in carer will be sharing meal times with you, using the bathroom, using the internet connect, etc and so becoming a member of your weekly shopping budget.

Shopping can be done in several ways:

  • Live in carer can do small daily shopping and a family member can do the weekly shop
  • Shopping can be ordered and delivered to the home.
  • Live in carer can manage the weekly budget and do the entire shopping (within reason)