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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Acacia Homecare provide its care services?

Acacia Homecare currently provides care in the North London, NW Surrey and Stockport areas.
To find out if you we cover your area go to do Find your local office page , as we may well be in a position to provide care services in your area already.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care, also known as homecare, is the delivery of a range of personal care and support services to individuals in their own homes. The care delivered can range from a 30 minute check to ensure that the individual has taken prescribed medication, lunch, etc. Domiciliary care is aimed to promote and develop the independence of Service Users by encouraging individuals to do as much as possible for themselves and take part in social activities.

What is a support worker?

Support workers visit people in their homes to help them with their personal care needs which include dressing, toileting, feeding, washing, shaving and cleaning teeth as well as help with the practical tasks of general housework and shopping. There is also some transferring and handling of clients who need help in getting to and from bed / chair / toilet. Training is given in using specialist equipment such as hoists and in transferring and handling techniques.

Do we have a say in the process?

Yes, each individual has their say in the initial care plan process. The individual would be involved to create a care plan tailor suited to their needs. The individual will also be involved in selecting support workers that meet their care needs.

Will I have the same support worker each day?

This depends on how many care visits you have each week. We tend to assign one to two support workers. This allows for periods of time where your support worker may be away on holiday.

What if I need more support?

We offer a flexible service so if the individual required amending their care package then it’s a simple process. Your allocated Care Manager will be able to organise a re-assessment and amend the care services.