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Meet the Acacia angels

Kajal Patel

“Hi I’m Kajal and I am the Care Manager at Acacia Homecare.  I have been in the care sector since I was 17 and  I make visits to our customers as well as manage the team from the office.  My job is to ensure that the care we provide is of the highest standards . Being out meeting customers is the most rewarding part of my role.”

Dee Kaur

“Hi there, I’m Dee and work as part of the team in the office.  Although my main job is recruiting carers I get involved with the care aspect too .  I love visiting customers and getting to know them as well as ensuring we build a great team of Acacia Angels.”

Rebecca Horton

“Hello there, I’m Rebecca and my role at Acacia is Field Care Supervisor.  I do the risk assessments for new customers and you will also see me out and about doing care calls at times.  If you have any questions about your care package I am happy to listen.”

Andrew Hammond

“Hi, i’m Andrew.  I have 7 years of experience as a carer having previously worked in a residential setting.  I am friendly and approachable,  love my job and caring for people.”

Belove Biluaya

“Hello, I am Belove and I have a passion for care.  I love making people feel comfortable  and enjoy what I do.  I don’t just see this as a job, it is something I genuinely love doing.”

Andreia Da Costa

“Hi, I am Andreia.  I love being a support worker and taking care of the needs of many different people.  I am friendly and approachable and I like to make sure all my customers are happy.”

Claire Prince

“Hi, I’m Claire.  I am friendly and like to have a laugh and a giggle with my customers.  I love my job, especially the customers I care for and I always look forward to visiting them.  I feel like I have found my calling.”

Claire Tindall

“Hi there, I’m Claire and I am really happy to be an Acacia Angel.  I like to care for my customers and feel that everyone deserves great care, especially with dignity and respect.  I look forward to meeting my customers.”

Ellie Beech

“Hi, I’m Ellie and part of the team of carers at Acacia.  I have always wanted to look after people and really get on well with people.  I am a good listener and can empathise with people too.  Caring is my passion.”

Helen Walker

“Hello I am Helen and I have been in care for many years now in both residential and domiciliary care.  I truly love visiting my customers and helping them with their needs and make sure that the quality of care I provide is to the highest standard.  I can’t imagine doing anything else. ”

Ieva Ihraiz

“Hi i’m Ieva and I have a very smiley and gentle disposition.  I take care of each customer with dignity and respect and really enjoy what I do.  This is more than just a job for me, I want to ensure that everyone is given the good care they deserve.”

Ilona Nemes

“Hi i’m Ilona and absoutely love what I do.  I am very personable and get along with all my customers.  I understand the needs of different people and I make sure that each customer is treated as an individual.  I see this as a part of my life.”

Kimberley Thiel

“Hey, I’m Kimberly and I have a very bubbly personality and like to chat.  I truly love my job and the customers that I visit.  I make sure I can provide the best care and support as possible and it make me smile when I see my customers are happy.”

Katie Lawrence cox

“Hello, i’m Katie and I have always wanted to be in care.  I enjoy visiting my customers and I always have a smile for them all.  I enjoy interacting with them and try my best making sure they are always comfortable.”

Nirmala Sabharwal

“Hi, I’m better known as Nimmi and also described as the nutty one.  I genuinely love doing what I do and I can not imagine doing anything else.  I  wear my heart on my sleeve and can really empathise with all my customers.  I am very bubbly and friendly.

Tracie Metcalfe

“Hello, I am Tracie and I truly love being a carer.  I am passionate about helping others whether they are a customer, a colleague or a stranger on the streets.  I go out of my way to make sure I can help others where I can.”

Ramo Mohamed

“Hello there, my name is Ramo.  My passion is in care and I want to ensure that all my customers receive the best support from me.  I enjoy my role very much and the customers that I visit.  ”

Harpreet Kaur Dhillon

“Hello, I am Harpreet and I have a very caring and gentle nature.  This is why I naturally wanted to be a support worker as I can carry out my duty with compassion, dignity and respect.”