Meet the Acacia team

We want you to meet our whole team. Some you will recognise as the people who visit you regularly. Some are the faces to the voice you talk to when you call us up. Some are those that work tirelessly in the background. All of them share the same passion for care and do what they do to help keep you doing what you do.

Danuta Wielgosz – Care Manager

Hello, I am Danuta, my friends and colleagues know me as Dani. I’ve been working in care for 12 years now, starting as a care worker and working my way up to Deputy care manager with the Acacia team. Working in care is so rewarding and makes me very happy. I love my job and waking up every morning with a plan for the day. I like keeping fit, but I love making sure people in the community, who require support, receive a high quality service and making sure all their needs and wishes are met.

Jo Varsani – Recruitment manager

Hi I’m Jo Varsani, part of the friendly management team in Acacia Homecare. I have over seven years experience in the domiciliary care sector. I fell into the care industry by luck and have enjoyed every moment of it. It still amazes me even after seven years that I am able to support others and really make a difference to people’s lives. Working in the care industry fulfils me with job satisfaction and I actually enjoy going into work! That’s what really really drives me – I love what I do and I love the part of my job where I am able to interact with my clients and my staff on a one to one level. I joined Acacia Homecare as they share the same passion as I have and the pro active approach they take investing in their team.

Gemma – Field Care Supervisor

Hello, my name is Gemma, and I have been in the care sector for over 6 years. I really enjoy working with vulnerable adults and ensuring that all of our customers receive the best care possible. I love going to the theatre with my dad, and one day, hope to be singing my lungs out on Broadway J

Rebecca Horton – Senior Carer

Hi, I am Rebecca and I joined the Acacia team early in 2014. I love caring for people and want to learn as much as I can so I can develop into a social worker. I got into care when my nan fell poorly, so I know what its like for famiies who have close ones that they need support for.

Kirsten Munro

Kirsten Munro – Senior Carer

Hi I’m Kirsten Munro, I have worked in dom care for almost 10 years now and love making a positive impact in people’s lives. During my time in care I was also a member of the territorial army where I passed my military leadership development programme. I am proud to use my experience in care, the discipline that comes with the TA and a degree in Health and rehabilitation to support our customers and the Acacia team. As you can see from my photo, i like hot cchocolates, but I love to care 🙂

Anne Howes

Hello, I’m Anne and I have always wanted to do something in the care industry so I joined Acacia to do just that and care for people that need the support.

Chantial Hitching

Hi, I’m Chantial and I started with Acacia in 2015. Providing care to vulnerable adult is a difficult role but I enjoy it and I can use my skills as a mother to good use.

Daljit Kaur

Hi, I’m known as Dee. I am a passionate and caring person and enjoy being around people. With this job I get to know my customers well and understand their needs as well as work with my fellow colleagues.

Eleanor Jones

Hi, I’m Ellie and I have been working with Acacia since 2013. I enjoy looking after the people I visit and am very passionate about my job.

Francis Kazibwe

My name is Francis Kazibwe, I am a carer and I have been in care role since 2008, having joined Acacia in 215. I have experience and gained several certificates in care. I have got also NVQ Level 2.

Ivy Smith

Hi, I am Ivy, I have been a support worker for Acacia for quite some time now, but it only seems like a short while. As they say, time flies when you are having fun. Being a support worker is more than just a job, it’s a privilege to be invited into somebody’s house to support them.

Margaret Grant

Hi, i’m Margret and I joined Acacia in 2013 after caring for a vulnerable family member. This inspired me to broaden my horizon and take support work to a professional level and Acacia have helped make this possible for me.

Maria Brading

Hello, I’m Maria and although my background hasn’t been in care, I felt it was something that I needed to do. I enjoy getting to know the people I care for and knowing that I am making a difference in their lives.

Natalie Giddins

My name Natalie, but friends call me Nat. I decided to be a support worker, because I am very passionate about working and caring for people within the community. I am very caring and bubbly and always willing to listen.

Stefani Nagpal

Hello, I’m Stefani and I have chosen to be a support worker because it’s something that is close to my heart. I believe that taking care of someone isn’t just about doing the things that need to be done, but also taking the time to get to know them and build a friendship. For me this isn’t just a job, but a way to reach out to those who really need it. I am currently studying to be a nurse so I now for Acacia occasionally.

Toni Currington

Hi, my name is Toni, and I’ve been working in care for over 5 years. I have also taken QCF level 3 qualifications in health and social care and other care related subjects, as I believe these, along with my experiences, help me work with many different people under pressure and adapt to different situations quickly. Seeing someone else smile because of something I have done warms my heart beyond belief. I enjoy getting out and about exploring new places, but I love what I do

Tracey Metcalfe

Hi, I’m Tracey. I joined Acacia in 2015 and I love working with the team here. I am passionate about my job as a support worker and I have had personal experience of looking after an adult. I am a very caring person and I get along with a lot of people.

Vasanthi Samsudeen

Hi, I’m Vasanthi. I love working with the Acacia team and am so proud to have received a such a glowing letter of commendation from one of our customers. Helping others makes me so happy.

Zebunissa Khan

Hi there, I’m Zebbie and I have been working with Acacia since 2013. I enjoy spending time with my customers and making sure they are comfortable. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces and know that I am there to help them make their lives that bit better.

Zoe King

Hi, I’m Zoe I joined Acacia Homecare in January. I received a great welcome from all the team. I have a very kind and caring nature and really enjoy being a support worker. Being out in the community and helping others in their own homes is very rewarding. I have really enjoyed meeting new people and building friendships.

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