Care packages that work for you

Many people feel hemmed in by the thought of having to select a care package for their needs, but presume that a bespoke care at home service is beyond their financial means.

Acacia Homecare offer the best of both worlds with a care package and care extras service that you can tailor to suit your changing needs. The base package provides all the security of knowing your regular needs are catered for week-by-week, but there is still the flexibility of adding on a booster package whenever a little extra assistance is required.

The packages can also be combined in any combination to achieve the desired amount of care cover. For instance, two lots of package 1 can be joined for where 2 hours of care a day are required.

People like the familiarity of things that stay the same. People like the fresh excitement of things that change. Wanting both is what makes people people. Delivering both is what makes caring caring.

Below are two tables showing our regular service packages and booster options. Please do contact us now for a no obligation chat about how our flexible care service can help you do the things you want to.

Service Package Weekday Weekend
Package 1 1 hr/day 1 hr/day
Package 2 1.5 hrs/day 1.5 hrs/day
Package 3 24hr care 24hr care
Package 4 Double up visit Double up visit
Service Package Weekday Weekend
Add on 1 1 hr/day 1 hr/day
Add on 2 2 hrs/day 2 hrs/day
Add on 3 3 hrs/day 3 hrs/day
Add on 4 4 hrs/day 4 hrs/day
Add on 5 5 hrs/day 5 hrs/day
Bathing service 1 hr/day 1 hr/day
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