Care Advice

A person who does not share a good idea is only afraid they won’t have another. Two of the most crucial concepts to the way Acacia work are ‘journey’ and ‘dialogue.’ Whether a care worker or a client, whether a person that has been involved in care for many years or is new to the industry, we believe that we are all moving forward on a journey and have valuable insights to share with each other.


That’s why we learn from those we care for as much as they learn from our highly trained care workers. Below are some documents that represent some of the knowledge within Acacia that we believe people might find useful and informative.


But we are always looking to learn more and are also happy to answer any queries that you cannot find an answer to on our website. So please do get in touch. We’re looking forward to learning where you on your journey and what you will bring to the conversation.


Direct Payment

This document explain how Direct funding works with the Local Authority and who is eligible to receive it

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